( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2003 08:05 AM EST

The movie Radio offers more than the title alludes to. Radio, a character played by actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., is a severely mentally retarded black man who later forms a close friendship with a coach of a predominantly white and affluent small-town football team named Harold Jones, played by Ed Harris. The friendship which develops between these two as they meet in Anderson, South Carolina becomes the beginning of change within the community.

Radio is seen wandering the streets without much being known about him. Coach Jones gets to know more about Radio after his players play a prank on Radio. Jones punishes his players and becomes more intrigued by Radio who comes and watches the team practices every day.

Jones tries to integrate Radio more into the community and even makes Radio team manager of the football team. Later on, Radio even participates in the high school by making announcements and serving as a hall monitor.

The positive effects of Jones’ efforts shines through as Radio, whose name is actually James Robert Kennedy, academic and social skills improve. But conflict arises since not every one in the small town is happy about a former outcast intruding into their standard lifestyles.

The movie is heart-touching and comes as real. Even though not a Christian-based movie, it teaches important Christian values. The Lord has taught us to overcome all humanistic barriers with love and this film reminds me of the compassion and the love we need to have to see the person behind the weakness. Embracing someone completely different from us and taking responsibility for him, is how we testify the love we have received from the Lord. Also, the character Radio models the innocence Christians should possess.