Jars of Clay: Who We Are Instead

( [email protected] ) Nov 05, 2003 09:08 AM EST

Jars of Clay does much of what the title of the band’s new album title, Who We Are Instead, suggests; the band shows its fans a different side to their personality. The tunes they play in their new CD are a blend of blues and folk mix, with a country flavor. Unlike the rock Christian music most fans associate with Jars of Clay, the mellow and laid-back acoustic found on Who We Are Instead combines the artistic approach from the band’s earlier release this year,Futhermore, with tame vibes from their debut album.

"Sunny Days" and "Show You Love" are upbeat pieces resembling the band’s earlier work but the rest of the CD dives into steel guitars and slow, moody songs. Ashley Cleveland stars as a guest vocal in “Amazing Grace,” which is an entirely new song not based on the well-known hymn. The band wrote the song after being inspired by Johnny Cash’s composition of simple yet timeless pieces. “Lesser Things” has some deep lyrics and begins with a tense mood aided by the electric guitars to provide a spooky effect but ends on a higher key with the impression of light entering a dark room.

Who We Are Instead deserves a listening especially considering the band’s ability to engrave so much meaning into the lyrics in their songs. Although it may not fit well with fans expecting the typical rock music, the thirteen tracks are perfect candidates for activities such as studying or relaxing.

Record Tracks:

1. Sunny Days

2. Amazing Grace

3. Lonely People

4. Only Alive

5. Trouble Is

6. Faith Enough

7. Show You Love

8. Lesser Things

9. I'm In The Way

10. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

11. Jealous Kind

12. Sing

13. My Heavenly