Bleach Performs on 700 Club show

( [email protected] ) Dec 06, 2003 11:39 AM EST

Tooth & Nail rock band Bleach appeared on a special broadcast of CBN’s 700 Club which aired on Dec.5, which thematic focus was on the troops and the families of troops serving in Iraq during the holiday season.

Two members of Bleach, are no strangers to dealing with family members serving for Iraq. During this past summer, Milam and Jared’s Byers lost their brother, Captain Josh Byers, to events occurring in Iraq. Although the family has been grieving and coping through this difficult time, they have also made sure to tell the world about the cherished memories they have of Josh.

“He was a hero,” Jared Byers explains of his brother with pure admiration. “Had he not died, we would have never known about all the ways he was a hero. We looked up to him because he was our brother and our friend, but to the world he was even more than that. He saved lives, was full of encouragement, and at the end of the day, he did it all for God.”

The band members were interviewed and also performed live, singing “Tired Heart,” a song inspired by Josh and written by Milam. Heather Boyd, a 700 Club Producer comments on the importance of Bleach’s appearance on this particular show.

“It is extremely important to continue praying for the soldiers who are serving our country in Iraq. The war has been declared over, but our men and women of the armed services continue to loose their lives. ‘Bleach’ gave us the opportunity to remind our viewers of this and ask them to agree with the hosts in prayer for the military men and women who will be away from their families during the holiday.”