Music Dog Records Builds Up as New Label

( [email protected] ) Dec 23, 2003 09:00 AM EST

Determined to “blow minds and change lives” with music oriented around spiritual health, a new music label, Music Dog Records, has entered the industry. Music Dog President Christ Walls describes the label not as supporters of a songs that drags the spirit down but a music culture that tackles on life issues with hope.

"We choose to use our music to speak life. Our artists offer safe content that builds up your soul. People usually don't understand what negative words can do to you once they get into your spirit. It's not healthy. However, we aren't naive. We do understand that life does happen and we address life issues in our songs, but how you choose to handle your circumstances with your words determines your future," says Walls.

The artists Walls speaks of are mainly four bands, each with unique styles. They include rock bands Kurios, Lustre, and More Than Electric. Fleau gives a upbeat jazzy balance to the other three bands. The bands are currently touring mostly Eastern markets to give audiences a preliminary image of the label. The year 2004 will bring to future fans, a compilation of all of Music Dog’s stylistic offerings from their bands.

"Building a foundation of fans slowly and methodically is very important to this label, and the way we know we can be successful is to continually stay in front of people," Walls concludes.

Music Dog Records has been busy developing their new artists and business aspects of their work, which means the label will take on booking and management services for their artists. "From an artist friendly and business perspective it made sense to keep it in-house rather than giving that revenue to an outside firm," states Walls.

All the facets of Music Dog will be revealed on Tuesday, January 13 at 6:OO PM, at a concert where the label’s artists will make their debut. Held at The Warehouse in Franklin, which is located inside Full Life Christian Center, the event will be opened to the public. Those wishing to attend can join the celebration at 274 Mallory Station Road.

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