Plus One: Exodus

( [email protected] ) Dec 30, 2003 12:14 AM EST

After Jason had plans to leave and Jeremy tied the knot, the original five of Plus One became three: Nate Cole (lead singer), Gabe Combs (guitars), and Nathan Walters (keys). With the new arrangement of band members, Plus One also transformed their image and musical style. Once going forth as a boy-band, the group now adopts rock as their primary identity.

With the exception of “Here I Am To Worship” in the debut album of the revised band, entitled, Exodus, all the songs were written by band members, confirming their spiritual maturity as born-again artists. The lyrics told their story through the appropriately named CD.

“It was kind of what was happening in the book of Exodus is kind of what we felt was happening in our personal lives,” shares leader Nate Cole.

The song “Poor Man” spreads out the band’s feathers to show their capacity to tackle rock stylistic music. Although many other their others songs are not necessarily hard rock, they still allow the listener to experience Plus One on a different playing field. From boy-band melodies, the three have progressed to more lively sounding music that makes them sound more like an actual band, according to Cole.

“Be Love” is also a rock song with a splash of pop, which the group co-wrote with ten other people. The song “Life,” talking directly about life in general rather than specifically mentioning their relationship to Christ, makes the CD more mainstream-friendly, a market the band also wishes to explore in the future.

It’s interesting to see the jump they made in Exodus and I think in the eventual future of Plus One, we will see a more refreshing and unique approach to their song-writing and production.