Avalon's First in Three Years

( [email protected] ) Jan 14, 2004 11:59 AM EST

The Creed will be the first album where Greg Long will sing alongside his wife Janna Long and the rest of the members from Avalon. Greg Long replaced Michael Passons who left the group last summer. Melissa Greene, who joined the group in the fall of 2002, also receives a somewhat debut in this recording. The Creed, to release on February 24, also marks Avalon’s sixth full studio recording but the first in 3 years.

This time around, the group spent time at a Writer’s Camp with 20 song writers to work on this project. The camp gave birth to five songs on the record and 2 songs co-written by Avalon members. “Abundantly” was co-written by Janna Long. Janna Long also worked with Melissa Greene to co-write “The Good Way”.

Avalon is slated for a spring tour with Mark Schultz and special guest Across The Sky.