Disciple Readies for New Album, Tour, DVD

( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2004 12:16 PM EST

Disciple is focused on a few things this year. On March 4, the band will hit the road with Staple on The Fundamentals of Rock Tour and is currently working on the band’s self-entitled album slated to release this summer.

The new album has been a year and a half in the making. This week, singer and bassist Kevin Young, who founded the band when he was in the seventh grade, is expected record the vocals.

The Disciple band members have agreed to autograph all the copies of pre-ordered Disciple DVD Live since the release will be delayed by two weeks. Disciple’s music video of their hit song “Back Again,” and a raw, first-cut preview of the video “One More Time” will be showcased on the DVD. The music video to “Back Again” is now playing on TVU Live.

To help the band’s efforts, the band asks for support through prayers.

“Please continue to pray for us; our safety on the road, financial blessings, and most of all for God to continue to use Disciple for His Glory in everything that we do,” said the band.