Rebecca St. James to Attend White House Fellowship

( [email protected] ) Jan 30, 2004 12:44 PM EST

On Feb. 12, Rebecca St. James will be a guest speaker of The White House Christian Fellowship, a weekly Bible study meeting held by members among the Bush administration.

James also serves in another presidential committee, the Honorary Committee of the Presidential Prayer Team. Out of sixty-plus American figures such as committee head Franklin Graham and former President Gerald Ford, James is the youngest member, only 26 years old.

Her age is contrary to the numbers of people she rallied to pray for military troops in Iraq. 1 million Americans were reported in participing as part of Operation "Adopt Our Troops", which James led on behalf of the Presidential Prayer Team.

On Feb. 24, James' worship EP, Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name. The album features a selection of songs from the Worship God tour and unrecorded worship classics. Tracks include: "Here I am to Worship"; "I Adore You; Blessed Be"; "Lamb of God"; "Let my Words be Few"; "Above All"; "Power of Your Love"; and "Omega".

" 'Power Of Your Love' is brand new, recorded in the studio as a bonus track," says Rebecca of the album. "The others are songs that are very close to my heart -- two of which are brand new. These two are a song called 'Blessed Be Your Name', which Matt Redman wrote and which is a song I love worshipping God to, and the other is a song I wrote several years ago called 'I Adore You,' which we decided to record on this project. It was really neat being there on that night recording that song live because it was the first time that I ever heard a crowd sing along with me on it. It was only the second time I had played it with my band and when I taught it to the audience they just sang with all their hearts... as you will hear on the track! It's a beautiful thing to have the experience of God birthing a song in your heart and then hearing an audience using that song to worship God too!"