Sara Groves' Third Project Releases March. 23

( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2004 12:37 PM EST

Sara Groves will release her third project, The Othe Side of Something, on March 23. The new project will not only reveal Groves spiritual maturity after her struggle with God last year but also the talents of producers Charlie Peacock and Nate Sabin.

"Spiritually, it's where I was," she says. "I felt beat up, but I returned to my corner. Now I'm rested and ready to go. And I feel more sure of my call, more confident in what I'm doing."

Under the guidance of Peacock, Groves was inspired to write an optimistic tune: "I have a new hope that blows away/The small hopes I knew before/And at the end of the day I am yours/And I am compelled."

"I had been a fan of Charlie's for a long time, watching from afar," Groves says.

Groves also took the African AIDS crisis into heart as sang the song "Esther," also on the project.

This year Groves is up and running with a jam-packed schedule beginning with "God With Us" cruise that tours the Caribbean with performances from Don Moen, Lenny LeBlanc and Jack Hayford. The cruise will take place during the Valentine's week. In March, Groves will be featured on the "Adoration" and "iWorship" tours, playing alongside Rebecca St. James, Jeremy Camp, and Lenny Leblanc. She begins a spring tour on April 2.