Creed Frontman Wants His Song on 'Passion'

( [email protected] ) Feb 14, 2004 11:48 AM EST

Although Creed does not identify themselves as a Christian band, most are Christian and they want in on the new Mel Gibson’s new film The Passion of the Christ. Creed frontman Scott Stapp has put together four songs for the film and hopes at least one of them will make it to the movie.

"Hopefully that goes through. He wants to do it real bad, and I do too," Stapp said regarding his talks with his label for permission to let Gibson use Creed’s songs for the film.

Stapp screened the movie last week and commented on the impact the film had on him.

"It has moments that make you want to cry," he said. "But, having the spiritual background I came from, the very last shot of the movie empowered me. And that's all I can tease you with."

The Passion, which hits theaters on Feb.25, has many moments that have received criticism, saying that it sends an anti-Semitic message because it directs blame of Jesus’ death to the Jews. Stapp disagrees.

"It's a controversial film, but you've got to look at it like any other book, like the 'Lord of the Rings,' " Stapp said. "It was made after three books, right? 'The Passion' is just another interpretation of a book."

"The way that they cut the film and the way that Mel is a brilliant director and a brilliant guy, I think he just told a story and there was no blame on any specific group. It was just the Romans, the Galileans, even his own people. It went all the way around.”

Stapp was once asked if Creed were a Christian band. He replied, "No, we are not a Christian band. A Christian band has an agenda to lead others to believe in their specific religious beliefs. We have no agenda!"

Apart from any evangelistic agenda, Stapp is currently writing music for his solo album. Hip-hop producer 7 Aurelius (Ja Rule, Tupac) will be helping Stapp on the project, which might feature Lenny Kravitz playing the bass.