Jubilee 2004: The Reviving Conference for College Students

( [email protected] ) Mar 01, 2004 01:02 PM EST

Addressing the issues that many Christian college students currently face, Jubilee 2004 Conference, an event sponsored by the Coalition for Christian Outreach, offers biblical guidance in exploration of true discipleship in Christ in all areas of one’s life. Over 2000 students gather for this life-transforming experience at the Pittsburgh Hilton, learning about what it means to truly surrender one's entire life before God and discovering God's call in the classroom and the world, based on the theme of Jubilee. (Leviticus 25:8-54)

Jubilee Africana 2004 conference specifically aimed to “explore the nature of contemporary African-American destiny and direction as purposed by the biblical God of our historical liberation,” as spoken by Jubilee’s coordinator Gene Tibbs. Jubilee Latino addressed the unique challenges students of Latino and Hispanic heritage confront in the university and the workplace.

Through the seminars on various topics, worship, fellowship and messages provided by the keynote speaker, the students are encouraged to make a difference for the sake of the Kingdom. The messages this year are provided by the keynote speaker Lakita Garth who is a media consultant, professional entertainer, and social commentator. The main purpose of this event is to guide students in becoming active participants in God’s Kingdom.

Having already attended 15 Jubilee conferences, Amy Maczuzak, the Writer and Senior Editor for the Coalition for Christian Outreach, excitedly remarks, “I never stop learning from the speakers or reveling in the singing and the worship and the contagious excitement that permeates the Hilton every year on the last weekend of February.”

With more hope, students always step out into the world with more confidence in God and in deeply integrating their faith into their daily lives.