Switchfoot Concert Outreaches to University Students

( [email protected] ) Mar 06, 2004 06:51 PM EST

Switchfoot visited its home university last Saturday, March 5, 2004 in an open concert in Uinversity of California, San Diego along with two other bands to give its tribute before going full scale in Switchfoot's Spring Tour 2004. The developing artists along with Switchfoot charmed the student crowd with revolutionary music. Along with Switchfoot's performance was "Louis the XIV,'" a relatively newly formed group and rapper Taliban-Kwelly. During the live perfomance, students all marveled observing in awe the light and the message that Switchfoot shed to the audience in its meaningful lyrics, while fans sang along.

Taking place at "Winterfest," a concert held by the Associated Students of UCSD, Switchfoot gains approval of students and the young generation's taste in the growing Christian media throughout the nation. There is a necessity for Christian media influence to speak out Word of Christ to the young generations of the future, and Switchfoot definitely takes hold of its Christian influence.

Being the final band to play in the concert, Switchfoot opened its act with its second-highest ranked single released, "Dare You to Move," however, instead of introducing the song with the stagnant electric guitar chords, it began directly into the main beat of the percussion instruments. Other songs like "Loser," "On Fire," and "The Beautiful Letdown" attracted the audience. The band closed with the number one single "Meant to Live" urging students, Christian and non-Christian, to examine the genuine value of their lives that is found in Christ.

Popular music and bands such as Switchfoot definitely take a place in the mentality and the young morale of this era. With growing popularity with Christian media, for example with the recent release of the Mel Gibson film "Passion of the Christ," lead singer Jonathan Foreman responded in a short questionnaire with thoughts about the future of Christian media, and the means seeking to promote the culture of Christ.

"I think living your life is just as important as your job, doing things like maintaining good relationships with your friends and your family. The way you live on-stage and off-stage should not be separated. There is no need to hide who we are and what we believe in. We are just a part of the bigger revolution."

Embarking on its Spring Tour and also on a possible next release of an album, Switchfoot's unwavering purpose and mission redeems Christian artists in a secular media and culture of today.