Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

( [email protected] ) Mar 12, 2004 03:50 PM EST

MPAA Rating: PG

Genre: Action, Spy, Teen

Directed by: Kevin Allen

Starring: Frankie Muniz as Cody Banks; Hannah Spearritt as Emily; Anthony Anderson as Derek; Daniel Roebuck as Mr. Banks; Cynthia Stevenson as Mrs. Banks; Keith David as the CIA Director; Keith Allen as Victor Diaz

Release: March 14, 2003

Running Time: 103 minutes


Frankie Muniz returns as Agent Cody Banks. A rogue CIA agent (and Cody’s own trainer) has stolen a top secret mind-control device, and Cody has to go undercover in London to get it back. Posing as a student at an elite music boarding school, Cody has to keep other kids from discovering his true identity while infiltrating covert hideouts, tracking his target – and practicing the violin. With all-new gadgets, high-flying comedy, a wisecracking new handler (Anthony Anderson), and a hip British Secret Service counterpart (Hannah Spearrit), Cody has to fight the toughest enemy possible – the very man who taught him everything he knows.


This movie is excellent for young viewers and families. It has the excitement and humor that is good and appropriate. And it exhibits the image of someone with selflessness and courage to work for his country and for others. Several times Cody puts his life on the line for others, and when his jealous brother Alex comes along, he gives several of his things as gifts.

As in other contents, the movie refrains from any sexual or profane contents. However, there is much violence, but you should expect it when you watch this film. The violence however is not gruesome, but it is in a sense "innocent". It is James Bond, but for youth. The only one backdraw to this film is the fact that Cody constantly lies to his parents. However, it is part of the plot of the film, and it was portrayed more as humor than seriousness.

In conclusion, this film is one of the rare films that is better than the first. And it remains a good film for children. As entertainment in the world, it is hard to find a movie that still gives a good message of courage and selflessness. Definitely, a family movie to watch.