!Hero the Rock Opera

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2004 02:49 PM EST

Do you want to watch something entertaining and fresh with a positive message? Michael Tait of DC Talk stars in !Hero: the Rock Opera along with Rebecca St. James and Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline. You can see it live onstage where the Christian talents share the stage with the 21 member cast of diverse professional artists. Since the opening of this positive and up to date “rock opera” in September 2, 2003, many people have been touched and many more hearts will be moved as the show continues on in the States. For more information on their upcoming show dates, check out the !Hero ecard http://www.buzzplant.com/herotour/all/

”Here is well-imagined, well-executed presentation aimed at the MTV generation..” Donna Ishell Walker/Greenville News

“It was an epic climax capable of inducing chills within believes and a moment that could possibly even soften the harden of hearts.” Andy Argyra/CCM Magazine