"Will Play for Food" Tour to Aid the Poor

( [email protected] ) Mar 27, 2004 03:01 PM EST

Beginning April 3, 'downhere' is preparing for their new tour titled "Will Play for Food". Co-headlining with 'Jonah33' and 'Pivetplex', the Word Records band will tour more than a dozen cities in April, and 25+ more in the fall. The purpose for this tour is to bring awareness and also encourage action to help those who are suffering from poverty, hunger, and disease.

Fans are encouraged to volunteer their time or materials to support and help those in need. There are several different projects that people can do, from sponsoring a child, going on a short-term mission trip, or serving at the Food for the Hungry organization, which is also sponsoring this tour. The hope is to move Christians to express their love for the poor.

“We really want to let people know how they can make a difference,” says Scott Brownson of Pivitplex. “We will show them "how" and hopefully share our passion for loving others, through our music and interaction with people before, during, and after the show.”

"Everyone has needs, but Food for the Hungry is something that people can grasp onto as a practical way to step outside of themselves, take a risk, and give," downhere's Marc Martel said. He hopes to unite with other groups to fight against the ongoing materialism and growing selfishness that reflect life today.

Air1 Radio will being giving full support to this tour through nationwide promotions, including bringing the artists in as guest hosts, as well as having live in-studio performances. To encourage the purpose of the tour, Air1 will also send 2 listeners to a developing country with downhere, Jonah33, and Pivitplex to serve in Food for the Hungry's work.