2004 Vibe Awards Nominees Announced

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 02:59 PM EST

Hey folks, ever heard of Vibe Awards?

It’s Canada’s version of the Dove Awards. And recently the nominees for the 2004 awards were announced.

The Vibe Awards will take place in Toronto on May 1.

Familiar nominees include Thousand Foot Krutch, downhere, Relient K, Starfield, Jill Paquette, FM Static, Ten Shekel Shirt and Riley Armstrong, to name a few.5th. Winners are assessed according to votes from the general public, and voting begins online on April 2. To cast your vote, visit VibeAwards.ca.

2004 Vibe Award Nominees

Artist Of The Year

Steve Bell (Manitoba)

Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)

downhere (Saskatchewan)

Fresh I.E. (Manitoba)

Jill Paquette (British Columbia)

Male Soloist Of The Year

Riley Armstrong (Alberta)

Steve Bell (Manitoba)

Matt Brouwer (Nova Scotia)

Sean Dayton (Ontario)

Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)

Female Soloist Of The Year

Carolyn Arends (British Columbia)

Debbie Forsyth (Alberta)

Laurell Hubick (British Columbia)

Lianna Klassen (Alberta)

Jill Paquette (British Columbia)

Group Of The Year

BevAcqua (Ontario)

downhere (Saskatchewan)

The LaPointes (New Brunswick)

Starfield (Manitoba)

Thousand Foot Krutch (Ontario)

New Artist Of The Year

Sean Dayton (Ontario)

Drentch (Alberta)

FM Static (Ontario)

Fresh I.E. (Manitoba)

Jill Paquette (British Columbia)

Children’s Album Of The Year

Children’s Prayers, Volume 1/A.R.M.M.E. Resources (British Columbia)

Cry Out/God Rocks! (Ontario)

Swimmin’ Like A Bird/Linnea Good (British Columbia)

Everybody Needs Good Manners/Judi, The Manners Lady (British Columbia)

Cat. Chat, Volume 2: Jesus In My Heart/Gerald & Denise Montpetit (Alberta)

Looking For A Treasure/Curtis & Bonnie Szakács (Saskatchewan)

Note: There are six nominees due to a tie for fifth place

Jazz/Blues Album Of The Year

Here/Isaac Agyeman (Ontario)

Soulsville: Souled Out 'N Sanctified/Danny Brooks & The Rockin’ Revelators (Ontario)

Purplexed/Foster & The Paper Bag Band (Alberta)

The Beat Niq Sessions, Volume 1: 6 Ave. & 2 A.M./Gerry Hébert (Alberta)

Walk Together/Paul Neufeld (Ontario)

Folk Album Of The Year

The Altar Of Each Moment/Corey Doak (British Columbia)

Landing/Jacob Moon (Ontario)

Rest/Glen Soderholm (Ontario)

Christmas Night/The Winter Harp Ensemble (British Columbia)

Sea Amid The Winter’s Snow/Debbie Zepick (Alberta)

Francophone Album Of The Year

Génération Louange/Gabreil Blain (Quebec)

Dans Ton Repaire/Richard Charron (Quebec)

Live/Luc Dumont (Quebec)

Où Tu Iras, J’Irai/Natalie Gingras (Quebec)

Ciel Variable/Sophie Loehn (Quebec)

Rap/Hip-Hop/Dance Album Of The Year

Red Letterz/Fresh I.E. (Manitoba)

Once Upon A Rhyme/Knights Of The Realm (Ontario)

Make A Change/Malichi & The Imperial Allstars (Ontario)

My Own Thing/Manafest (Ontario)

Stand Up/Ricky T (Quebec)

Rock/Alternative Album Of The Year

So Much For Substitutes/downhere (Saskatchewan)

Everything/Drentch (Alberta)

What Are You Waiting For?/FM Static (Ontario)Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right…But Three Do/Relient K (Ontario)

Risk/Ten Shekel Shirt (British Columbia)

Seasonal Album Of The Year

A Burke Family Christmas/The Burke Family (Nova Scotia)

Once Upon A Time Forever After/Lianna Klassen (Alberta)

A Breath Of Christmas/Walle Larsson (Manitoba)

The Gift Of Love/Andrew Martin (Ontario)

The Christmas Experience/River’s Edge Community Church (Quebec)

Contemporary/Pop Album Of The Year

Free/BevAcqua (Ontario)

Undone/The Kry (Quebec)

I Believe In You/The LaPointes (New Brunswick)

Beyond Me/Liza May (Manitoba)

Jill Paquette/Jill Paquette (British Columbia)

Inspirational Album Of The Year

Let Hope Be Mine/Tamara Morgan Chaffee (Ontario)

You Will Always Be Father To Me/Robert Critchley (Ontario)

All Who Are Thirsty/Sean Dayton (Ontario)

Who I Am/Denise Gerein (Saskatchewan)

Into Your Love/Laurell Hubick (British Columbia)

Country/Bluegrass Album Of The Year

He’ll Meet Us There/The Daae Family (Saskatchewan)

Hold On/Debbie Forsyth (Alberta)

The True Meaning Of Christmas/Brenda Geneau (New Brunswick)

More To Say/High Valley (Alberta)

Hand Me Downs: Gospel Classics, Volume 1/The Rawling Brothers (Alberta)

Southern Gospel/Traditional Album Of The Year

Sharing The Gift/Linda Binkley (Ontario)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness/John McDermott (Ontario)

Hold On/New Hope (Saskatchewan)

Love Remains/The Parker Trio (Ontario)

Movin’ Up/Torchmen Quartet (Ontario)

Choral Album Of The Year

May Your Kingdom Come, Lord/Pat Francis & High Praise (Ontario)

Jubilation IX: Goin’ Up Yonder/Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir (Quebec)

Total Praise/Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir (British Columbia)

And Night Shall End/West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir (British Columbia)

The Time Of Eternity/West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir (British Columbia)

Hard Music Album Of The Year

Tales Of The Knife/Lucerin Blue (Ontario)

Lotus/Seven Devil Fix (Alberta)

Refusing/Stereotrap (Saskatchewan)

Phenomenon/Thousand Foot Krutch (Ontario)

Undefined/Threadline (Manitoba)

Instrumental Album Of The Year

Breakfast With Barnabas/Jay Calder (Ontario)

5th String Blvd./Trevor Dick (Ontario)

This Shining Night/Calvin Dyck, Betty Suderman & West Coast Chamber Orchestra (British Columbia)

The Beat Niq Sessions, Volume 1: 6 Ave. & 2 A.M./Gerry Hébert (Alberta)

Walk Together/Paul Neufeld (Ontario)

Song Of The Year

Child Of Light/Chris Greenwood of Manafest with Chris Watt, Gerhard Thomas and Adam Messinger (Ontario)

Come To Me/Jill Paquette (British Columbia)

Crazy Mary/Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine of FM Static with Aaron Sprinkle (Ontario)

Great “I Am”/Laurell Hubick (British Columbia)

Here/Jean-Luc Lajoie of The Kry (Quebec)

I Believe In You/Andy LaPointe of The LaPointes (New Brunswick)

Les Mots Ne Suffisent Pas/Sophie Loehn (Quebec)

Rocks Cry Out/Bruce Stacey of God Rocks! (Ontario)

The Women’s Song/Lianna Klassen (Alberta)

You Know Who I Am/Denise Gerein (Saskatchewan)

Urban/Soul Album Of The Year

May Your Kingdom Come, Lord/Pat Francis & High Praise (Ontario)

God Knows Best/Doreen Johnson (Ontario)

Keep On Standing/Krystaal (Ontario)

Kathy Grant Mahon/Kathy Grant Mahon (Ontario)

Recorded Live, St. James United Church/The People’s Gospel Choir Of Montreal (Quebec)

Provincial Breakdown

Ontario — 30 Nominees up for 41 Awards

British Columbia — 14 Nominees up for 24 Awards

Alberta — 10 Nominees up for 15 Awards

Quebec — 10 Nominees up for 12 Awards

Manitoba — 6 Nominees up for 9 Awards

Saskatchewan — 6 Nominees up for 9 Awards

New Brunswick — 2 Nominees up for 4 Awards

Nova Scotia — 2 Nominees up for 2 Awards