Tour of the Year: The Adoration

Featuring Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, Jeremy Camp
( [email protected] ) Apr 07, 2004 03:40 PM EDT

The Adoration Tour was a success! Featuring Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, and special guest Jeremy Camp, this tour reached thousands of souls, bringing them closer to the presence of God. Averaging over 4,000 per show, the attendants came with a committed heart for worship.

Here are some testimonials from the attendants!

I took my 11-year-old son and my 15-year-old nephew to the Adoration show in Tyler today. I was so blessed and impressed by every aspect of it! Jeremy Camp and Rebecca St. James were wonderful, and I was, I must admit, happily surprised at what a beautiful heart Newsboys displayed. What a ministry! Peter's message touched and inspired the three of us greatly.

I expected a great music show, but it was much more than that. Y'all are all in my prayers now.

God bless you, and come see us again!

- Stephanie, TX

Adoration had to be one of the best concerts I have ever gone to. Thank you guys for taking all the time you needed for this special format. I just felt such peace flow out through the audience when you guys played "Million Pieces." Jeremy Camp's band got us excited, Rebecca St. James ushered us in to worship and the Newsboys took it from there. It was truly and incredible worship. I think my youth group was truly touched. Thank you all so much for coming, and please come back to Columbia, SC soon.

-Jerbo, SC

This 34-city tour began February 12th in Norfolk, ending April 4th in Detroit.

During these dates, many people around the nation were changed, transformed, and led by the Holy Spirit.

This is what Newsboys’ drummer Duncan Phillip had to say to CCMBUZZ about the Adoration:

"I think the show is one of the most powerful shows that the Newsboys have ever done... I’m more excited about touring than I’ve ever been,” says Newsboys’ drummer Duncan Phillip in an interview with CCMBUZZ about the Adoration Tour. He continues, “…it’s the same for the band. We’re undergoing a spiritual renewal, a revival. I’m hungrier now for the things of God than I’ve ever been. I’m more excited about touring than I’ve ever been—and that’s a miracle, because if you had asked me three years ago if I was excited about going on tour, I would have said no.”

Honored with 4 Grammy nominations, Newsboys continuously takes lead in the popularity of Christian music.

With their release, Adoration: The Worship Album, the group has experienced their fastest selling album to date. Their songs “He Reigns”, “You Are My King”, “It Is You”, “Million Pieces”, etc, led to a blast of radio success.

Newsboys also launched a two-year biblical literacy campaign: Thrive, in partnership with Zondervan and Christian Booksellers Association. It challenges many people to read the Bible consistently. For the third year, Zondervan Bible Publishers (NIV Student Bible) will be partnering with Newsboys to promote Bible reading throughout 2004.

Like this, Newboys is being preciously used as a bridge between many people of this world and God. Through the tour and campaign, thousands of people are coming forth, claiming to want to know God.

The same goes for Rebecca St. James and Jeremy Camp.

“Worship is our love response to God’s love for us. It’s a constant part of our life,” notes Rebecca St. James.

For the second year in a row, Rebecca St. James tops the polls with readers of CCM Magazine as "Favorite Female Artists of 2004," in the recent announcement of winners from the more than 27,000 ballots cast in the magazine's annual 'Readers Choice Awards.’

She not only influences people with her singing, but with her writing, also. St. James’ book “Wait for Me,” (which also was the title of one of her recent hit songs.) had a great impact on teenagers who chose virginity. To St. James, "[T]he most joyful, beautiful, exciting romance is the one that is pure, and nationwide movements such as True Love Waits are doing a tremendous job of getting this message out. What better gift to give your spouse than the gift of purity."


Traveling from city to city, there were many hardships and much physical weariness, but through these experiences, they obtained the opportunity to draw closer to God and know His heart. We thank God for allowing their spirits to create the powerful performances that they led.

Overall, The Adoration Tour was a big blast, and we thank Him for allowing it to happen.