Stephen Curtis Chapman Participating in Presidential Tour

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 04:26 PM EDT

Christian music icon Steven Curtis Chapman stated earlier today that he will perform at a gathering with the President in Cincinnati Gardens Area in Ohio.

The artist announced his tribute to President George W. Bush testifying his spiritual leadership for the nation. ¡°I respect President Bush and the way he has led our country through these difficult times. I will never forget his strength in the days immediately following 9/11. I appreciate so much his commitment to his faith and the depth of his conviction and he has my full support," said Chapman.

The President is currently underway in participation of a bus tour event called ¡°Yes, America Can¡± with platinum country music star Travis Tritt in Sterling Heights, Michigan this Monday, May 3, 2004.

¡°President Bush¡¯s commitment to protecting America from those who would do us harm is extremely strong. Recent economic numbers show me that his economic policies are working. Above all, when George W. Bush speaks, I believe that he means what he says and will not waiver. I can't say that about the other candidate in this election,¡± said Tritt.

During the tour, the President will promote in events the optimism for America¡¯s citizen which is what the spirit of America needs at these critical times. Through this President George Bush will strengthen the economy and improving communities.

Steven Curtis Chapman and the voice of Christ will work through the ones leading the nation as President Bush will meet with small business owners, community college officials, and participants in job training programs. Throughout the tour, the President will highlight values, whether Christian or ethical, that keep America¡¯s communities and families strong. These events will promote and lead the growth of faith-based organizations, mentoring programs and other community programs that benefit community health.

The importance of the President and the visit of Stephen Curtis Chapman honoring these organizations for the greater good of community health and American morale is a critical one for the future of this nation.