Not to Us - Chris Tomlin

( [email protected] ) May 06, 2004 03:18 PM EDT

Chris Tomlin's music continues to strongly echo through the walls of churches, praise events and vehicle systems. His gift of blending catchy and easy-to-learn modern rock tunes with the perfect message of faith and hope in God's providence allows him to lead many people to God.

His second major-label album released in 2002, NOT TO US, has the ability to penetrate into the hearts of those who deeply desire to worship and praise God. Among many Christian worship leaders, Tomlin can bring a very true and authentic worship experience for the participants. NOT TO US is a sincere collection that is truly centered on Christ and His glory and the overflowing and bursting love for God would not go by unseen, unfelt, or unheard.

"Famous One" is a favorite among many and it cries out loudly for the glory of God. "Wonderful Maker" and "Home Home Running" are thoughtful and beautiful, containing softer touches in dynamics. Through these modern-rock worship and praise songs, the heart is guaranteed to grow warm, filled, and most importantly, changed.

Michael from Sacramento, California shares, "I don't know how Chris Tomlin keeps doing it. This album is the best of the bunch and one that sets the standard for modern worship music. You've probably heard almost half this album already in worship services everywhere. 'Not to Us' is one of my all-time favorite songs, powerful, rockin', and shades of U2. This is worth it."

1. Everything

2. Enough

3. Not to Us

4. Wonderful Maker

5. Famous One

6. Come Let Us Worship

7. River

8. Unchanging

9. Come Home Running

10. Overflow