"Saved!" Film Received Critical Reviews

Hollywood Industry presents ill support for believers in releasing Film for the Christian Audience
( [email protected] ) May 17, 2004 10:04 AM EDT

The recent Hollywood release, “Saved!,” a film supposedly to target the Christian audience instead have received criticisms from Christian organizations stating that the film mocks Christianity and portrays followers of Christ as foolish and irrational beings.

Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission ministry, reports on the film, “I was saddened to see that the Christian characters are portrayed as virtual nitwits. In one scene a girl argues that Jesus is "of course" a white man. Another Christian character, I have learned, comes to believe that she should not remain chaste, thinking that God has led her to have sex with a homosexual student in order to convert him. Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin star in the United Artists release that is being advertised as a dark teen comedy.”

"Saved is a hateful, politically correct movie," Dr. Baehr warned. "It is being heavily marketed to the community it mocks to lead Christian youth astray and make them resent their own faith. The one character who tries to preach the Gospel in the movie," Dr. Baehr stated, "is actually the villain. Imagine if this movie were set in an Orthodox Jewish school with faithful Jewish children cast as the villains and a Christian girl shows how legalistic the Jewish girls are. Or, what if it were set in an Islamic school with faithful Muslims cast as the villains and a Christian or Jewish Girl exposes how legalistic the Muslims are? The outcry in the press would be tremendous! Not to mention the righteous outcry from Jews or Muslims!"

The reviewers claim that to this day, Hollywood has always taken a history of having a hostile temperament towards Christians, categorizing believers into a ‘Christian profile’ just as it performs satire films with ethnic sensitive material. The previous hit release, Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ," stirred up concerns about potential violence against the Jewish community. However, now the same reviews offended by the ‘Passion,’ do not have the same apprehensions toward the anthology of movies that habitually depict Christians as cruel beings.

”Films like Saved wouldn't be so alarming if Hollywood had a semblance of balance in its treatment of Christianity. But in today's Hollywood, rarely are there positive depictions of Christians. I admit that there are a few crazies in the Christian community, but Hollywood chooses to falsely depict us all as Fred Phelps-types who hate homosexuals and indignantly push our beliefs on others,” another reviewer wrote.

The writer of "A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America," Don Feder wrote, "Christians are the only group Hollywood can offend with impunity, the only creed it actually goes out of its way to insult. Clerics, from fundamentalist preachers to Catholic monks, are routinely represented as hypocrites, hucksters, sadists, and lechers. The tenets of Christianity are regularly held up to ridicule."

Tthis backfire of targeting Christian audiences was centered on Hollywood’s choice to disclose the imperfections and weaknesses of Christians. “I fear that the hatred against Christianity has so invaded the Hollywood culture that insiders cannot see past their predispositions against us. The end result is that we can expect more movies like Saved to bitterly revile those who love the Christ of the Bible.” An anonymous reviewer wrote.