St. James Comments Britney Spears and Sex-filled Media

Rebecca holds strong hopes and promotes movement attracting youngsters to stay pure in love and sex.
( [email protected] ) May 17, 2004 07:11 PM EDT

During the European Tour that St. James holds for her fans and for believers around the world, she is also preaching about being pure in love and holding back on premarital-sex. Being ¡®True Love Waits¡¯ spokesperson and a Grammy Award-winning singer Rebecca St. James, comments upon the present day media and sexual provocative material that will affect the attitudes of love for millions of youth today.

St. James who actively speaks for sexual purity before marriage expresses her remorse of seeing present day media stars such as Britney Spears who once also took the same vow before.

"I also feel sad for the nine or 10-years-old watching her who see her dressing in a very promiscuous fashion, almost asking for people to treat her as a sex object. They are going to start dressing that way too."

'True Love Waits,¡¯ has been an ever present movement among churches across the U.S., that encourages teenagers to pledge to their family and friends that they will value and respect their virginity until marriage.

According to news critics, this was also the message that Britney Spears upheld herself who made such a promise to stay chaste until her wedding day after her debut album ¡°Baby, Baby One More Time."

"She (Britney) has had an unbelievable amount of pressure put on her. She would have people from the top of her record label, to her manager and to her peers saying you've got to be more raunchy, show more skin," St James said.

"It's like water on a stone, it just starts wearing away no matter how strong you are."

St. James remains steadfast in her belief and holds to her movement confidently, believing in the possibility of able to change youngsters of their views of sex. St. James continuously speaks a message to them ¡°it is still cool to not have sex until marriage¡± which is what appears to be the trends of today¡¯s secular artists even.

"Young people, whether they are Christians or not, are realizing that abstinence is actually smart because you don't have to worry about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), AIDS and pregnancy outside marriage. Young people are wising up to the fact that it saves you a whole lot of pain when you do wait.¡±

The Grammy winning artists for ¡°Best Christian Rock Album¡± has held to her vow since age 16, and even strictly deals with her band teammates as well making sure that there are no temptations for her. Her 5 band male members also values the same morale, respecting the holiness of sex distinguished for marriage.

"I'm a virgin, I'm 26 and going to stay that way until after I'm married," she said. ¡°My philosophy is, if you're committed to waiting then don't even go close to the line and only date people who are committed to waiting as well. Even the guys I date... we talk about making sure we don't go close to the line."

Rebecca is proclaiming this new light and outlook upon love and marriage across Europe and keeping them pure this summer along with another U.S. abstinence organization ¡°The Silver Ring Thing¡± who tour Britain and Ireland to seal their virginity by wearing a silver ring. England and Ireland are countries that have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in western Europe and has seen an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases.

St. James still hopes and puts her faith in youth saying "I expected way more flak than I've got. I've got a lot of mainstream media attention even in countries like Norway that are not known necessarily for their morality. It's such a counter-culture message they are fascinated about it."