I Just Want You - Vicki Yoh'e

( [email protected] ) May 18, 2004 06:47 PM EDT

Anointed with a beautifully powerful voice, Vicki Yoh'e belts out amazing gospel songs that take the listener closer to the undeniable presence of the Lord. From someone as small as Yoh’e, such a magnificent voice like an angel can be projected in the glory of God. Her album I JUST WANT YOU reveals the power of the love and mercy of God through heart-felt and spirit-stirring lyrics.

Title track, “I Just Want You” is the simple confession of love for God, and “Because of Who You Are” expresses the indescribable holiness of the God who knows all things. Every song will take you on a deeper experience with the Lord, and gives you a deeper longing to do nothing else except worship.

Inspiring and full of soul, I JUST WANT YOU has the power to guide people closer to the spirit of God. This album is recommended for all times but especially for special times with the Lord. You can purchase I JUST WANT YOU in Christian Bookstores or via the internet.

Rhonda D. James from Colesville, MD shares, “I just purchased this CD after hearing "Because of Who You Are" and knew I needed it as part of my sanctuary time. The lyrics in each song will speak to your heart.”

1. I Just Want You

2. Because of Who You Are

3. Anoint Me Lord

4. In the Waiting

5. Mercy Seat

6. You Amaze Me

7. Nobody Knows Me Better

8. Almighty

9. Talkin’ About Jesus

10. Help