Steven Curtis Chapman
( [email protected] ) May 26, 2004 01:58 PM EDT

Receiving excellent reviews, Steven Curtis Chapman’s SPEECHLESS, exemplifies the great work of a songwriter whose heart, mind, and spirit is centered on God. After years of recognition for his No. 1 CCM hits, Chapman does it again with this album, which contains quality and genuine compositions that have hit the CCM charts, refreshing the hearts of many believers and non-believers. His deep heart for the world missions and the saving of many souls is truly transparent in his projects and service for God. Chapman has been serving Christians through music for over a decade and it has only improves he matured in faith and bore many fruits of love

SPEECHLESS opens up with a masterful “Dive” which takes you into the rest of the album. Title track, “Speechless” has become a favorite for Christians around the world and “Finger Prints of God” expresses the magnificent touch of God’s hands in molding His creation of love, man. A more emotional track, “With Hope,” could send tears down the eye as we reflect on our lives and loved ones. Ending with “Be Still and Know,” the album would leave the listener truly…speechless.

In each and every song is a reflection of the heart of one who rejoices in and deeply seeks the Truth. A top-selling album, SPEECHLESS is a must-have for anyone who is a contemporary Christian music (CCM) fan.

1. Dive

2. speechless

3. Change

4. Great Expectations

5. Next 5 Minutes

6. Fingerprinst of God

7. Invitation

8. Whatever

9. I Do Believe

10. What I Really Want to Say

11. With Hope

12. Journey

13. Be Still and Know