'Thousand Wells Project' for Africa Supported by Jars of Clay

The band announces their goal to raise $1 million to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa in the next two months.
( [email protected] ) May 29, 2004 03:13 PM EDT

Being the founder of the non-profit organization called the ¡°Blood: Water Mission,¡± Jars of Clay announced through Dan Haseltine of the new project supporting Africa while the four-manned band attended the recent DATA rally in Philadelphia, PA.

Being the founders of the non-profit organization called the ¡°Blood: Water Mission,¡±

¡°The Thousand Wells Project¡± is a philanthropic effort of the band in fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa. The band aims in raising a million under two months to construct one thousand clean wells to be built around Africa.

Touring around the nation such as participating in the current Spirit West Coast concert attracting thousands, Jars of Clay goes on hoping to support a successful mission project. The band announces to fans that they have the same hope and vision for Africa wanting it to see Africa recover slowly.

For more information regarding the project, visit the Blood:Water Mission website at BloodWaterMission.org.