Christian Band ''Creed'' Concludes After Decades

( [email protected] ) Jun 04, 2004 04:57 PM EDT

After nearly a decade together, Christian band Creed has decided to disband.

Throughout the eight-year span, Creed has released 3 albums (My Own Prison, Human Clay, Weathered) selling 30 million worldwide and made its way to achieve numerous rock & roll milestones. Appearances on radio and appealing live shows led them to unprecedented success, making the band one of the most successful acts to rule the charts over the past ten years.

Tremonti commented, "It's kind of sad to end a chapter of your life, but it's also exciting to be starting a new one. We'll always be proud of the music we made with Creed, but Alter Bridge gives me the opportunity to start over with a different perspective and a more evolved direction. This band begins and ends with the love of the music."

Plans for old members and new formations of a new band are still underway. Creed songwriter/ guitarist Mark Tremonti has decided to join forces with Creed drummer Scott Phillips, original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four singer/ songwriter Myles Kennedy to form ¡§Alter Bridge.¡¨ The planned release date for their debut with Wind-up Records is on August 10th this year. Expectations arise among radio and concert-goers as they plan to tour during the summer on broadcast and live-stage acts.

Over the past several months, Creed songwriter / singer Scott Stapp has been concentrating on writing and recording songs in the studio. The band envisions towards writing new songs inspired by the film ¡§Passion of the Christ,¡¨ featured on an upcoming album coming on August 31st via Wind-up Records compiling superstar talent. Stapp is also planning to release his solo debut and works toward future projects with producer 7 Aurelius along with Canadian rockers ¡§The Tea Party.¡¨

Phillips shares, "Creed was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I'm really excited to be starting over as well. The most significant things that we are taking from the Creed experience are the lessons that we learned. We truly believe that the decisions we've made for our future are the right ones. After writing and rehearsing the new material, we are confident that we've made the right choices."