Jonah33 and Christian Voter Campaign Gather Plans

( [email protected] ) Jun 29, 2004 02:35 PM EDT

“Redeem the Vote,” a non-profit, non-partisan organization, has been urging Christians to take a stand in letting the Christian voice be heard through the ballots. Similar to MTV’s "Rock the Vote" campaign, "Redeem the Vote" has initiated an aggressive national campaign aimed at increasing voter registration among the nation’s youth.

Recently, Dr. Randy Brinson, the founder of the campaign, appeared on ABC Family’s broadcast with Pat Robertson on June 11, speaking of the rapid growth and relevance of RTV’s campaign to millions around the country.

The campaign has gathered speakers, public Christian figures and award-winning artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Kutless, and Building 429. Among the artists, RTV named Jonah33 as the "spokesband" to write and record the campaign’s theme song “Silence Never Speaks.” The single will be made available through the campaign's official website and will be released at retail outlets in the fall.

“We are very excited about Jonah33 partnering with Redeem the Vote to reach young people of faith,” says Redeem the Vote Founder Dr. Randy Brinson. “The Christian music industry is committed to reaching the millions of Christians with the importance of registering to vote. Jonah33’s song, ‘Silence Never Speaks,’ clearly defines the church's need to have a voice and make a difference in our culture."

Collaborating with faith-based media, Christian radio, and artists, RTV plans to utilize the internet’s email, messaging tools and live concerts to appeal to the wide demographic audience and engage new voters in the country’s electoral process this year. Already making an appearance at the Creation East festival, it plans to to attend the Atlanta Fest, Creation West and Kingdom Bound festivals.

“We are honored to lead others to be voices in this generation instead of being silent,” says Jonah33 lead singer Vince Lichlyter. “By doing that, we can make a positive difference in our country. Our right to vote should not be taken for granted and we believe that Redeem the Vote is an awakening tool for our generation.”