Movie Ratings More Lenient; Sexual and Violent Content on the Rise

A recent study concludes that ''a film rated PG-13 today likely would have recieved a R rating several years ago''
( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2004 08:51 PM EDT

A Christian ministry called ChildCare Action Project Movie Ministry (CAP) agreed with a recent Harvard study that found violence and profanity on the rise in current day movies.

According to Ron Strom of World-net Daily,the study shows that the content of movies with specific ratings is getting stronger. In other words,a film rated PG-13 today likely would have received an R rating several years ago.

While examining movies released between 1992 and 2003, researchers found more sexual and violent contents in PG-13 and R rated movies. The language in R rated movies was found as more offensive compared to R rated movies decades ago. Even animated features in G rated movies were also found to be more violent.

Agreeing with Havard’s research result, CAP explained that it also found similar violent trend in movie content 4 years ago.

"In the first five years the percentage of R-13 movies more than quadrupled (an increase of 459 percent) which says in the year 2000, 450 percent more of the PG-13 audiences were fed R-rated programming than in 1996/7," the Christian research group said.

CAP conducted its research using a specific set of Investigation Standards also known as CAP analysis model. While developing this model, CAP examined 80 examples of unacceptable activities and behaviors—unacceptable in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. These 80 behaviors were partitioned into 6 different categories which became CAP’s model of 6 Investigation Standards designated as W-I-S-D-O-M. (Wanton violence/crime – Impunity/hate – Sexual immorality – Drugs/alcohol – Offense to god – Murder/suicide )

Said CAP Ministry founder Tom Carder: "the CAP Analysis Model provides it objectively, not vulnerable to mood and preference subjectivity so you can be in a better position to have the information you need to make an informed moral decision whether a film is fit for your kids (or yourself)."