Passion Reaches Out To NYC Students Through Subway Series

( [email protected] ) Sep 10, 2004 08:47 PM EDT

Passion worship leaders Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall, as well as the David Crowder Band have confirmed their presence at the NYC Subway Series, a set of five gatherings organized by the Passion ministry with the subtitle, "Connecting New York City College Students For His Renown."

The, “’not quite’…to-the-five-boroughs event,” will begin at the historic St. George theater on Staten Island and continue for two months, meeting every other Thursday at venues in Lower Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and a final location that is yet to be determined.

The Subway Series is a follow up to a “groundbreaking” free concert that was held in April at New York City’s Beacon Theater, which spawned a cover story by the New York times entitled, “Christian Music’s New Wave.”

More than a concert, each night will combine worship, Word and prayer as worship and Bible study meet. For more details and directions visit