'Hit Upon God': Overcoming Obstacles In A Post 9/11 World

( [email protected] ) Sep 28, 2004 11:22 AM EDT

Gazelle Press has released Hit Upon God, an inspirational book that presents a practical approach to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, achieve fulfillment, develop greater appreciation for life, and find peace in today's post-9/11 world.

The God- and prayer-centered book, written by Charlie Hartley, was inspired by his reaction to the September 11th event and his desire to give people tons of hope for the future. The author shares a wide range of real-life stories about people overcoming difficult hurdles in professional careers, academics, parenthood, sports, childhood, and other aspects of life. Each chapter contains practical, easy to apply advice on various ways any human being can "hit upon God" to live better lives.

"I want this book to give people practical, immediately usable tools to help them feel much more optimistic about their futures, despite the horrors of 9/11 and all the troubling negative fall-out since then," says Hartley.

"I wrote this book to give people hope for their futures," he adds. "But not just some hope--tons of hope--and much more peace of mind and fulfillment than anyone ever thought was possible. I want Hit Upon God to inspire and motivate people to believe that countless reasons remain to appreciate and love their lives and other people.

"The greatest hope is achieved by starting with three key ways of hitting upon God, what I call 'Life's Triple Play': First is to pray to God and open your heart so He can communicate to you His calling for your life. Second is to pursue this calling with great and positive passion and intensity. And third is to do this by controlling your thoughts, ridding your mind of negatives, and always focusing on the positives."

The book refutes many of society's commonly held beliefs that prevent people from achieving their great potential. Examples of such beliefs are:

That being passed over for job promotions is career-ending and a sign of failure. Such non-promotions can actually be life-altering events that catapult you to the best career you could have ever imagined.

That losing means you are a loser. Counter-intuitively, yet truthfully, losing is very often an expression of winning.

That rejection means you are no good. Rejection can have a positive outcome because, with courage and persistence, it can translate into amazing acceptance.

That problems are always negative and to be avoided. Problems are actually great opportunities to learn and grow and should be embraced and cherished.

That nice guys always finish last. Nice guys always finish first in the eyes of God.

"God will eventually answer the questions you have about the obstacles in your life and what He calls you to do, though often not immediately," Hartley adds. "Have faith that God has a plan for your life. Someday you will understand why He allowed the obstacles."

“Hit Upon God is an essential read for people wanting to learn practical, easy-to-understand, and immediately applicable ways to pursue what God calls them to do," says Morgan Wooten, NBA hall-of-famer and Christian high school teacher for more than 40 years, "And this book motivates people to do this with passion, excitement, and a positive mindset. By focusing on God as the all-time number one player, Charlie Hartley has written a unique and valuable book with useful, powerful and inspirational punch for overcoming obstacles in the post 9/11 world."

The book is available at the author's website, www.charleyhartley.com, Amazon.com, and local bookstores.