Interview: Salvador, One of Hottest Bands in Contemporary Christian Music

( [email protected] ) Oct 12, 2004 06:44 PM EDT

Austin-based Latin worship band Salvador, one of the hottest live bands in contemporary Christian music, opened the 2004 Promise Keepers conference in San Jose, Calif. Friday Night. After a full-tilt 30-minute jam of modern Christian hymns and praise choruses, including their current single “Heaven”, Josh Gonzales, Robert Acuna and Jared Solis of Salvador took some time to speak with The Christian Post to answer questions about the band’s goals, visions and future plans.

How long has Salvador been with Promise Keepers?

This is the third year that we have performed for Promise Keepers. During this time, we have built a good friendship with Promise Keepers. We didn’t know what to expect at first, and then it was like a “divine thing” that brought us to the conference and here we are; we are doing it for God. We also have had the opportunity to work with these great people. The men that we see out there are the same guys as we see in the back.

Under what conditions that Salvador became involved with gospel music?

We wanted to practice and to praise. It was just one of those “divine thing”. You never know. We didn’t ask the question whether or not we wanted to do this, it was one of those instances when the “divine moments” in life happened and that was how God found us.

Is Salvador currently working on an album?

The latest album, entitled “So Natural” will be released on Nov 9. Our new single "Heaven" is out. It's very popular right now. We hope that our music will further help to spread the gospel. We are traveling around the world to perform. We travel to Europe, Asia and anywhere as far as God takes us there. Last night, we were in Kansas performing for Billy Graham Crusade.

What are some of your future plans?

If we are obedient to God, we will go with God as far as we can. We will follow wherever God shows us.

Will Salvador be back for 2005 Promise Keepers?

We have established a real good friendship with Promise Keepers for some time. If they invite us back next year, we will be happy to return.

Do you have anything more you'd like to tell the Christian community?

We encourage Christians to believe in the power of God who can change people’s lives.

Salvador band began in area churches and coffee-houses, then moved up to opening for noted evangelist Nicky Cruz and other major festivals. Salvador consists of Nic Gonzales lead vocals and guitar, Art Gonzales and Robert Acuna on drums, Josh Gonzales on bass, conga-player and percussionist Eliot Torres, Jared Solis on saxophone, Chris Bevins on keys, horn players Pablo Gabaldon and Billy Griego.

For more information about Salvador and its upcoming album, please visit Salvador's official website at: