Steve Green To Release 25th Studio Project February

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Inspirational pioneer Steve Green announces the release of his 25th studio project, Somewhere Between, out on Sparrow Records February 15, 2005.

More than two years in the making, the album is Green's most expressive and stylistically ambitious work in his 21-year career. Produced by Greg Nelson, with contributions from Brian D. Sewer, Bernie Herms and Ron Huff, Somewhere Between contains echoes of Andrea Bocelli's modern classical sound, theatrical pop overtones of Josh Groban and Steve Green's incomparable vocal gift in its rawest form.

Thematically, Steve focuses on the compelling, universal question to God, "Where are You?"

Part of the excitement about this project is that I'm trying something different," the Grammy-nominated artist says. "Lyrically, it's an expression of hope and longing—in the most honest language I can offer—through the difficulties and hardships of life. I've covered a lot of information over the last 24 albums, the nature of which has been largely a declaration of objective truth. But this project asks questions."

A personal journey, Somewhere Between was written at a time when Green lost his 73-yfather to Parkinson's disease and mourned with his mother, who herself had endured two cancer surgeries. As such, these new songs, such as "Open Our Eyes" and "In Brokenness You Shine," are musical prayers of lament and praise, of tears and beauty, dealing with the tension between a broken world and the hope of Heaven.

"I have spent my life trying to safeguard myself, building walls of security, independence and provision, but God has spent my life undoing me," says Green. "The reason He dismantles these walls is because I'm prone to trust what I know, and God is committed to keeping me weak, looking to Him."

After all, he says, hope is enough. "Even now, 22 years later, the Gospel is still messing me up. I have never been more aware of my sin, my frailties and weaknesses than I am now, and at the same time, I?fm more aware of the massive work of Christ on the cross to redeem people like me. Even in restless, desperate times, and knowing that so much of life is just not going to be fixed, I can rest in what He has done and what He will do, even when I can't see it."

Steve Green began his multi-platinum recording career with Sparrow Records in 1984, recording 25 projects, seven videos, and garnering 13 #1 radio hits. The son of missionary parents, he was raised in South America until age 18 and continues to tour there and in North America year round. Steve and his wife, Marijean, are the parents of two children.

In promotion of Somewhere Between, Green will be heading out on tour beginning January 14 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and stopping in Boston, Dallas, and Pittsburgh as well as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Canada. For a complete list of concert dates, visit

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