Golden Gate Church Hosts Music Workshop with Joyful Noise Xpress

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Christian Church works with JnX music ministries to improve praise and worship team.
( [email protected] ) Feb 04, 2005 05:00 PM EST

The Golden Gate Christian Church, a major church in the San Francisco area, held an evening workshop for the church’s praise and worship team. For the workshop, the church invited internationally acclaimed music ministry Joyful Noise Xpress (jnX) to coach the church’s Cantonese and Mandarin vocalists on current singing techniques and styles.

According to Anthony Chan, jnX founder and executive director, the workshop will be divided into four sections, the first of which took place Wednesday evening. The next workshop will take place the week after Chinese New Years on February 16. The third and fourth workshops will respectively cover only the Mandarin and Cantonese praise teams.

“I want to lay a clean foundation for them to develop,” Mr. Chan said. In an interview with Gospel Post, Mr. Chan gave a list of objectives outlined by the church’s music ministry. First, improve the teams’ voice-blending techniques. Second, teach team vocalists proper usage of emotions when singing. Third, show participants proper ways to hold a microphone when performing.

Mr. Chan explained that the way a singer holds a microphone would affect the way his or her voice is amplified during a performance. At one point in the workshop, Mr. Chan invited a member of the Cantonese team to stand in front of the participants to help demonstrate proper vocal techniques.

Though the church’s music ministry leader could not be reached for comment, jnX reported good responses from the praise teams.

One participant was quoted by jnX to say, “The techniques were practical and…. the application was easy for me to correct my technique.” Another said to jnX, “I feel that this workshop was helpful. I attended seminars in the past, but they didn’t go into the basics like you guys did.” One last participant commented, “It was helpful, I should have joined earlier.”

The jnX was officially founded in March 2001 with the dream to provide churches all over the world worship training, worship concert, and other music-related productions services. Mr. Chan, nonetheless, emphasizes on the ministry’s website, “…we need to be reminded worship is not about the style, it is all about intimacy with God.”

The Golden Gate Christian Church was founded in 1965 by Reverend Peter Yang and his wife. Starting with just a handful of congregants, the church has since then expanded to a membership of about 350. Currently the church holds service in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Last night’s workshop was reportedly the first time the Golden Gate Christian Church has worked with the jnX music ministry.