2005 My Heart, Your Heart, Worship Hearts Concert

On March 4, The Hong Kong Love Music Workshop will be hosting its second annual concert
( [email protected] ) Feb 26, 2005 04:33 PM EST

On March 4, The Hong Kong Love Music Workshop will be hosting its second annual concert after having their annual concert "My Heart, Your Heart, and Worship Hearts concert" successfully held last year, which they said is a result of offering their most precious hearts to God.

The members of Love Music Workshop believe that through these worship songs of passion, those that listens to them can experience grace that allows them to change their lifestyle.

The Love Music Workshop director, Chuping Zheng said, "The wonders of music lie in music's infinite possibilities. Although every one of these touching songs and beautiful symphonies are made within the limited musical scale, Do Re Me Fi So, which shows the simplicity, beautiful songs can come out of it. This is like how God plans to make our lives wonderful."

"I'm grateful to God that I had a chance to participate in this concert last year. Even till now, I'm able to remember every moment during the concert....We added some new songs and new members for this year's concert, and we also have spent much time praticing. By the grace of God, I believe it will be successful," said Brother Xi Huang, a performer of last year's concert.

These years, "Love Music and Love Life" has been the guide to the members of The Love Music Workshop. Many audiences were touched by their passion and excellent performance as revealed through the concerts.

Since December of 2004, Love Music Workshop have gathered to practice in hope that they may again provide a wonderful concert for the audiences. As of now, the time remaining is only about a week left. The most important day for them is just around the corner.