All Generations of Chinese Christians Will Worship at the Intergenerational Worship 2005

The Intergenerational Worship 2005 will gather Chinese Christians from all generations to the worship service on Oct 2, Nov 6, and Dec 4.
( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2005 03:44 PM EDT

Different generations of Chinese Christians from traditional Mandarin to American Born Chinese have their own way of worshipping God.

However, at this year's Intergenerational Worship 2005: "Together We Serve," the Chinese Christian Church Music institute for Worship (CCCMIW) will hold three worship services on Oct 2, Nov 6, and Dec 4 that will include a stylish rendition of music that will appeal to different Chinese Christian generations.

The three worship services, held at Twin Towers Methodist Church in Alameda, CA, conducted by Dr. Richard Lin, the musical minister who will lead the CCCMIW and the Bay Area Youth Chorale (BAYC), will perform:

"The Essence of True Worship," on Oct 2

"Blessed, Thanks, Commitment," on Nov 6

and "The Portrait of the Wise," on Dec 4

The Intergenerational Worship has asked Rev. Johann Yuek-Hon Lai, an adjunct professor of Pastoral Theology at the Western Seminary in San Jose, and Rev. Samuel Tang, the co-founder of CCCMIW, because they both believe that worship plays a very important role in the relationship between Christians and God.

The theme, "'Together We Worship' is a gathering for the whole congregation, the whole family," in order for all "generations to be one in worship and fellowship," Amy Kong, the coordinator for the Intergenerational Worship, said.

Dr. Richard Lin is the President and chief music director of CCCMIW. He believes strongly in the vision of CCCMIW, which has the purpose of "promoting church music ministry in local churches, and to enhance the singing and preaching of the Word through a meaningful worship experience."

A hope of the CCCMIW mission is that by the end of the worship, it will not be an "edifying experience" for those who are performing, "but a pleasing aroma before God to whom be all glory and praise."

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