Stream of Praise Nears the End of Their Tour Focusing on God

The Stream of Praise will make its way to North America as it ends the "For You Alone" worlwide tour with hopes of receiving the same passion that was felt in Asia
( [email protected] ) Sep 28, 2005 04:04 PM EDT

The Stream of Praise (SOP), a worship ministry will make its way to North America, as they end their worldwide tour and move towards their world-renown GLOW conference in Dec.

At the beginning of the year, the "For You Alone" tour began, not only as a concert, but as a way to unite a crowd of people who want to worship God and feel His dream.

After months of touring the world, SOP will arrive in North America, starting with San Francisco, then Canada, and then finally Seattle.

SOP Director Rev. Sandy Yu, who encourages young people to form relationships that involve love, on God's hopes and dreams, hopes that the audience can connect with God.

At the end of each concert, they make altar calls, where people are given the opportunity to make a dedication to God.

The Asia tour received a passionate response, and SOP hopes that North America will respond in the same way. The Asia tour ended after 25 concerts held side by side, that was able to serve 100,000 people.

SOP began in 1993 as a group of brothers and sisters who joined together to form a worship team, realizing that Chinese-speaking churches didn't have music that related to them.

"For years, Chinese Christians have been singing translated 'western' hymns," SOP said.

Their ministry was established with the desire to write songs with the "Chinese heart in mind."

Throughout the years, they have grown into an internationally recognized worship ministry that expresses their love to Jesus through their talents by utilizing praise, worship and music composition as a way to spread the gospel, in order for others to be empowered to declare God’s Kingdom.

The GLOW (God Lead Our Way) conference will focus on three major areas— the character spiritual leadership, worshipping in spirit and truth, and worship leaders and training.

Believing that God will send a revival, SOP said, "Our hearts are filled with anticipation because we know the Lord our God will surely do a great thing!"

Tour Schedule:

San Francisco

9/30, 10/1 - Lowell High School

10/2 - Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church

10/2 - San Francisco Chinese Alliance Church


10/5 - Richmond Chinese Evangelical Free Church

10/6 - Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church


10/7 - Westminister Chapel

10/9 - Bread of Life Christian Church

10/9 - Seattle Formosan Christian Church

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