Stream of Praise International Leadership Conference Comes to the U.S.

( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2005 05:34 PM EST

The Stream of Praise (SOP) music ministry will be hosting their annual International Leadership & Worship Conference (GLOW), with hopes of starting a revival among the leaders.

The conference starts on Dec. 30 at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel in California and ends on New Year's Day, bringing over 700 to 1,000 participants worldwide.

Among the participants, SOP has invited international leaders and professionals in their own respective music fields to receive training through a series of lectures along three major tracks — character of a spiritual leader, worship in spirit and truth, worship leader and team training.

"We have a vision that they will lead the next wave of revivals," Tiffany Cheng, SOP worship leader said.

During the conference, participants will devote their time to prayer, devotionals, and worship every morning.

In the afternoons, they will listen to lectures by Rev. Charlie Robinson, minister with Fresh Fire Ministries, Rev. Abraham Poon, senior pastor of San Jose Chinese Alliance Church, Lillian Poon, counselor of SOP, Rev. Sandy Yu, president of SOP, Pastor Dennis Chou, pastoral care of SOP, and Bezeleel Lau, producer, sound engineer, and Dream Works International Dubbing Supervisor, Dr. Jedidiah Tham, the founder of Living Lilies, who will also speak on Sunday, and before and after the countdown to the New Year.

In an effort to equip the young leaders with skills of revival, the aforementioned speakers will train them on spiritual leadership, relationships, family, life, and spiritual warfare. On the technical side, lectures will be given on topics, such as cinematography, church sound, recording techniques and playing a musical instrument.

Cheng said, "Our calling is to spread the gospel throughout the globe, and evangelize back to Jerusalem."

For the first time, the annual conference will provide a parallel GLOW conference for kids, which will offer, children ages 3-10, various activities that will include worship and dance, small group time, bible studies, crafts, and a drama that the children will participate in, showcasing the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In a post-conference tour, overseas participants and those who purchase the "ministry tour package" are given the opportunity to tour with SOP to such well-known churches as the Saddleback Church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship and the Crystal Cathedral, while also including popular California tourist attractions, such as Disneyland and Hollywood Blvd.

SOP believes that through praise and prayer, God will prepare a new generation of leaders who "hunger and thirst for a mighty move of God."

"We want the young generations to rise up as leaders and to make a difference in the Chinese Christian church," a hope Cheng shared with The Gospel Post.

The theme of this year's conference is GLOW, which stands for "God Leads Our Way."