Media Evangelism Limited to Present New Movie ‘Love is…’ in SF

( [email protected] ) Sep 16, 2007 07:51 AM EDT
MILLBRAE - A Christian-based movie dedicated to confront the prevalent liberal values on dating and sex is going to be released in the San Francisco Bay Area next month.
Executive Director of Media Evangelism Limited (USA) Gilbert Yip first introduced the significance of the film 'Love is…' at the press conference held in Millbrae, San Francisco on Friday. Photo: Gospel Herald/ Hudson Tsuei

MILLBRAE - A Christian-themed movie that confronts the prevalent liberal view on dating and sex is set for limited release in northern California's Bay Area next month.

Media Evangelism Limited (USA) hosted a press conference, Friday, in Millbrae for the upcoming film "Love Is…".

The widow of Roy Chiao, a respected Hong Kong filmmaker, made an appearance at the press conference.

Involving over 10 Christian actors from Hong Kong, the Chinese-language movie has gained popularity amongst Cantonese-speaking audience after the first screening in Hong Kong and Canada.

The film comes in the light of reports concerning the rise of promiscuity in secular society in both the United States and Hong Kong,

People - especially youngsters who lack proper-guidance - have become desensitized to such issues, says Gilbert Yip, executive Director of Media Evangelism Limited (USA).

"From our counseling hotline, we have received so many cases of those who seek guidance regarding love and dating problems." Gilbert added.

"It shows that our society seriously lacks guidance for personal relationship and sex."

78 percent of 400 students ages 16-17 favored cohabitating with their partners rather than seek marriage, in a survey conducted by local Christians based in Hong Kong.

In other studies, teachers in Hong Kong were found to be just as likely as their students to engage in 'one-night' casual sex.

"‘Love is…’ wishes to provide an answer from the Bible on how to love and receive love, more importantly, it is about how to keep our hearts pure while waiting for the true love," Gilbert explained.

The movie consists of a featurette of six different love stories involving teenagers, middle-aged couples and senior citizens.

Mrs. Roy Chiao will make an appearance as an old woman who found the true meaning of love after the death of her husband. It is indeed a real story about herself and her late husband, who passed away in 1999, say Mrs Chiao.

"It has already been over 8 years since my husband passed away. However, the Lord’s grace has always been with me so that I can carry on my path, " Mrs. Chiao said.

"The movie brings me back to that period of sorrow and grievance…which I have not really gone through…but I have overcome it."

"Everyone needs love, yet the love from the world may disappoint you. No matter you are a believer or a non-believer, you will realize the theme of the movie…God, who is unconditional and complete, is the real love of your life," concluded Mrs. Chiao.