13 Chinese Pop-Artists Record Christmas Single for 8 Million Dying Children

( [email protected] ) Jan 04, 2011 08:11 AM EST

To express solidarity for the plight of the children worldwide, 13 Chinese celebrities and pop-artists from Asia by recording a music single called "Letting Everyday be Like Christmas."

The celebrities include Elva Hsiao, Van Ness Wu, Dee Hsu, Angela Chang, Cheryl Yang Jing-Hua, Jing, Jaycee Chan, Jing Wong, Tension, Michelle Vickie, Si En Vanessa, and others. Their action is a response toward's World Vision Taiwan's "Orange Wrist Band Movement", a call to speak out and make a change for the children's right to survive.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be donated to charity. World Vision Taiwan will be distributing 10,000 copies of “Forever X’mas Dream Gift Box”, which will include a copy of the single, an orange wrist band that symbolizes health and hope.

Every year, around 8 million children die before the age of five. Most suffer and die from pneumonia, cholera, malaria, malnutrition, and other preventable and treatable causes.

However, the conditions of the medical environment and the health of the communities, which affects the lives of millions of children, can be significantly improved through World Vision’s child sponsorship programs, where mosquito nets, electrolyte grape candy are distributed and proper breast feeding education are distributed.

“Orange Wrist Band Movement” invites you to speak out for the rights of children around the world to live, spreading the message of children’s health, encouraging more people to make a difference for them through child sponsorship and other World Vision’s sponsorship ways.

To hear the single “Letting Everyday be Like Christmas”, click here.