Templeton Prize Winner to Address the issue of Human Cloning at St Paul's Cathedral, London

Feb 03, 2003 02:18 PM EST

The Revd Dr John C Polkinghorne KBE, FRS, winner of the 2002 Templeton Religion Prize, will address the most recent human cloning controversies for the first time. His lecture, The Person, The Soul and Genetic Engineering, will be given on Wednesday 12 February 2003 at St Paul's Cathedral, London, as part of the series of St Paul's Ethics Lectures.

Dr Polkinghorne served for nine years on the BMA Medical Ethics Committee and has just completed three years serving on the Human Genetics Commission. As part of his introduction to his lecture at St Paul's, he has written:

"The soul is a dynamically developing entity, but it also has unchanging aspects. Part of the latter is the human genome (but only a part, since we are more than our genes). This picture has ethical implications for the status of the early embryo, and for limits on the application of genetic engineering generally."

There will be a press conference at 10am on 11 February when the Revd Dr Polkinghorne will answer questions on the full text of his lecture.

The itinerary of the lectures is as follows:

February 2003

- Monday 10 Ely Cathedral - Tuesday 11 Press conference St Paul's 10 am - Wednesday 12 St Paul's Cathedral (special title) - Tuesday 18 Wells Cathedral - Wednesday 19 Truro Cathedral - Thursday 20 Bristol Cathedral

April 2003

- Thursday 3 Westminster Cathedral - Tuesday 8 Liverpool Cathedral (special title) - Wednesday 30 Peterborough Cathedral

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