Radical Proposal to Break Church-State Relations in England

Jun 17, 2003 10:19 AM EDT

Christianity in the United Kingdom has long been in decline for decades. The pace of the secularization of Chrisianity has been quickening as it is becoming a minority force in the nation. But how far has it gone?

According to recent reports, proposals to disestablish church-state relations have been initiated. A report published by a year-long commission on the Future of the Monarchy argued that the Queen should become a head of state not committed to any particular religion. "The Queen should be stripped of her title as Supreme Governor of the Church of England."

The commission, established with the cooperation of Buckingham Palace, urges to disestablish the links of the Church of England to the monarchy. Even bishops are known to support this move.

"We want to make the argument that the monarchy needs to be seen as a modern institution there for all of the people of Britain, whether they are Christians or non-Christians," reports a source related to the commission.

"It is no longer appropriate for the monarch to be so closely allied with one religion."

The ruling force of Christianity in the monarchy weakens as both political and religious leaders voice their opinion to bring a 'modern' appeal between the relationship between Church and monarchy.

"It would mean that people of any faith or no religious beliefs could be the monarch," the source said.

By Jenny Lee
[email protected]