YFCNI Brings You an Alternative Summer Vacation

( [email protected] ) Apr 22, 2004 08:32 AM EDT

Youth for Christ Northern Ireland (YFCNI) provides an opportunity for young Christians from anywhere in the world to come to Ireland and work alongside local young Christians for two weeks of dynamic evangelism.

'Summerserve Ireland 2004' starts with many international participants arriving on Tuesday 13th July. Training for everyone takes place on 15-16th July, and the main event runs from Saturday 17th July until Saturday 31st July.

The multi-national teams consisting of 12-15 people will work in partnership with local churches, on community projects, or in conjunction with one of Youth for Christ's own drop-in centres. The teams will get involved in a variety of creative forms for children and youth evangelism: kids' clubs, coffee bars, drama, music, one-to-one work, sports, etc.

The mixture of local knowledge and international flavour makes this Summerserve team special. It's about teamwork, servanthood, reaching out to others with the gospel, sharing your faith, creativity, stretching your faith, discovering new talents, hard work, and fun.

Many Summerservers come back year after year, and even those who only do it once often talk about having a totally life-changing two weeks - it is a great experience!

YFC exists in well over 80 other countries, serving brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. Summerserve isn't just about Ireland!

Canada, Cyprus, Easter Europe will also have their own version of Summerserve this summer.