How Can I Know God Loves Me?

( [email protected] ) Jun 16, 2004 09:56 PM EDT

The love of God the Father is all around us. If we need it, there's tangible proof. First, the love of God is in the surrounding Creation which He prepared before forming man in His own Image. The scene is one similar to a parent preparing a nursery before the arrival of a newborn - the love for the child along with all the anticipated arrival of the child is poured is reflected in the environment the parent prepared. Looking at the endless beauty in nature, how can one deny it was created without love?

Secondly, if there is an even greater demand for a closer vision of God's love, one could turn toward the love which exists among family members and friends. The image of true love is one of self-lowering and self-emptying for the sake of another. Parents seem to exemplify the love of God the best. Denying themselves, parents would even give their lives to save their children. No greater love could have even been imagined by man on earth, until...

Jesus Christ came to be the complete messenger of God's love. Although the one verse in the Bible in John 14 accurately described Jesus as being "the way, the Truth, and the life," it did not mention that he was love because the accounts of the disciples made it so clear in testifying this aspect of Jesus. The love of parents resemble that of God because it self-lowers and self-empties. However, in the case where parents would willingly die for their own children, Jesus died for sinners who were in the position of enemies hating him. Only the true love of God, the unconditional "Agape", could overcome hatred with a greater power.

Does God really love me? One needs to only look at the cross of Jesus to find the answer.

"For God so loved the world, He gave his one and only Son." - John 3:16