God - The Sun in our Lives

( [email protected] ) Sep 21, 2004 09:30 PM EDT

To most people, there is nothing more important than the institution of the family. To Christians, however, although families will also be the circular center of their lives, it is God who is the definite center of that circle.

The key to keeping a family together is not by securing the outer ring but by distinguishing the center. In physics, a rotating bucket can retain water since all the forces point toward the center. Similarly, when all members of the family look at God, with their focus toward him as intently as the creatures who cry “holy, holy, holy” in Revelations can the love and warmth reside within the circle.

Often times, however, instead of looking at God for answers, we look to the world. A group of children attempting to whirl in a circle will only succeed without collapse if all people are faced toward the center. Once one person is faced the opposite direction, the balance will offset.

It is in God where the source of life, love, happiness lies. God is the Alpha of the solution and the Omega of the problems. When we look toward Him with faith that He is our Creator and Provider, we can experience a world of abundance and generosity. Do sunflowers look toward anything else but the sun’s rays to receive life? How can man look anywhere else but to God, who is the sunshine of our lives?

Jesus was able to walk on water not because he used supernatural power but because he derived his existence from God Himself. Even on the path of the cross, he was not derailed because he only looked toward God.

From his victory, Christians around the world are able to unite under one name through a love based on a vertical relationship with God. For our families, we must do the same and place God as the center in order to experience a true bond.