Into All the World

Mark 16:15-16

Our Lord commanded that we give attention to the world—to the hurting, the fearful, and the hopeless. Instead, many churches spend a high percentage of their time and resources on their own congregation's needs. We who make up God's body must align our thoughts with His and return to the church's primary mission: proclaiming the truth about the grave danger facing mankind and about Jesus, the only One who can rescue them.

The church has been given the charge to demonstrate before an unbelieving world why the heavenly Father sent His Son to earth: to reveal through Christ's life who God is, and to accomplish by means of His death the reconciliation of sinful man to God. Everything else we talk about—baptism, discipleship, giving, and righteous living—are extensions of the Gospel but not the heart of it.

No other "word" is needed because the good news about the Savior is sufficient. It relates to every maturity level, need, and season of life. It contains simple truths that the youngest or most uneducated can understand, and it is superior to all other philosophies and religions. Every promise God made is fulfilled through the person of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 1:20) Finally, the Gospel's words are absolutely sure. Its eternal truths need no correction, never change, and lead to salvation through faith in Jesus.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you—as a "living stone" of the church—to examine what message your life and words proclaim. Only the Gospel of Christ saves.

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