Getting to Know God

Thomas said to him, 'My Lord and my God!' (John 20:28 NIV)

Often enough we have been warned that the morality of any nation or civilization will follow its concepts of God. A parallel truth is less often heard: When a church begins to think impurely and inadequately about God, decline sets in.

We must think nobly and speak worthily of God. Our God is sovereign. We would do well to follow our old-fashioned forebears who knew what it was to kneel in breathless, wondering adoration in the presence of the God who is willing to claim us as His own through grace.

Some are still asking, ìWhat is God like?î God Himself has given us a final, complete answer. Jesus said, ìAnyone who has seen me has seen the Fatherì (John 14:9).

For those of us who have put our faith in Jesus Christ, the quest of the ages is over. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son, came to dwell among us, being ìthe radiance of Godís glory and the exact representation of his being.î For us, I say, the quest is over because God has now revealed Himself to us. What Jesus is, the Father is. Whoever looks on the Lord Jesus Christ looks upon all of God. Jesus is God thinking Godís thoughts. Jesus is God feeling the way God feels. Jesus is God now doing what God does.


Lord, teach me how to worship, really worship You.

The more time we devote to breathless adoration in the presence of God the more we shall apprehend the greatness of Christ. In gazing upon Him we know more and more of God the Father.

Used with Permission.

A.W. Tozer