Art Work by God

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2005 03:43 PM EST

by Bev Kerr

The Bible says that Love is patient and kind,

And that's what I hope is in this heart of mine.

It's not boastful and proud, haughty nor rude.

But, I know that I owe this all to You.

I want to stand back, for You deserve all the credit ...

It's not me who writes the poems, it is you who has said it.

You give me strength and courage when I ask for some.

You give me hope when sometimes there is none.

I'll always remember that You in your Love,

Gave me a gift ... Your Son from above.

He went to the cross and suffered the cause.

And freed us from sin and gave us His all.

He wasn't boastful nor proud,

He loved the gathering crowd.

He gave sight to the blind, made the lame to leap,

And some dead, He called back saying, "The're just asleep."

He was beaten and scorned, and died on a cross.

He calmed the angry seas, and on water He walked.

And to think ... He did this all for me.

And in doing so changed my destiny.

This Son of God ... an earthly carpenter's Son.

He gave me sight to see the truth in all He had done.

So, here I stand a slow but sure work of art from God.

Still being reshaped by my Father above.

I'm putty, I know, in the carpenter's hand.

With Love in my heart, and these two hands.

For it's my life to give ... and I give it to You.

Shape me and mold me, however You choose.