Making Lemonade

( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2005 04:15 PM EST

Philippians 4:11-13 NKJV

As Peter picked up a bowl of warm, buttery popcorn, he scowled at his sister. "Hey, Mandy! Get out of my chair!" he ordered.

"You always get to sit by the window," complained Mandy. "I want to sit here for a change."

"It's my place," said Peter angrily, but Mandy just stuck out her tongue. "Dad! Make Mandy get out of my chair!" whined Peter, as he tugged at his sister's arm.

"It seems to me you kids have been doing a lot of fighting lately," said Dad. "Just sit down over there, Peter, so we can all enjoy our snack."

Still grumbling, Peter sat down, and soon they were crunching their popcorn and sipping glasses of Mom's freshly squeezed lemonade. "I believe you were fighting over chairs last night, too," said Dad when he noticed that Peter continued to scowl, "only then, wasn't it Peter who wanted to sit in the chair Mandy usually has?" Mandy just shrugged, and Peter nodded sheepishly.

Mom smiled. "I think it's time you kids learn to take a lemon and make lemonade," she declared.

"Make lemonade? What do you mean, Mom?" asked Mandy curiously.

Dad laughed. "She's referring to an old saying-when you get a lemon, make lemonade," he explained. "You see, this good lemonade we're enjoying started out as sour lemons. Mom didn't sit around moaning about how sour they were. She took them and made something good out of them. And instead of complaining about what happens in our lives, we should learn to make the best of every situation. The Apostle Paul said he had learned to be content in 'whatever state'-or situation-he was in. We should learn that, too."

"Maybe Mandy and I should say, in 'whatever chair' we're in," suggested Peter with a grin. "I guess I really don't mind sitting over here by the register once in a while. It's nice and warm."

"I like it, too," agreed Mandy, "but it's nice to sit here by the window sometimes. It really doesn't matter that much, does it, Peter?"

"Good." Mom smiled. "Now, how about some more lemonade?"

How About You?

Have you learned to "make lemonade" in life-to make the best of any situation? Or do you complain when you don't get what you want? The next time things don't go the way you hoped they would, please God by looking for-and finding-something good in what's happening. Get rid of your "sour" attitude and enjoy the "lemonade"!

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