July 14 in Christian History

Jul 14, 2011 06:36 AM EDT

1773 - The first annual conference of the Methodist Church in America convened at St.George's Church in Philadelphia, PA.

1775 - Anglican clergyman and hymnwriter John Newton wrote in a letter: 'The knowledge of God cannot be attained by studious discussion on our parts; it must be by revelation on His part.'

1800 - Birth of Anglican clergyman Matthew Bridges. In 1848 he converted to Catholicism,under the influence of the Oxford Movement in England. He is remembered today for authoringthe hymn, 'Crown Him with Many Crowns.'

1833 - Anglican clergyman John Keble preached his famous sermon on national religious apostasy. It marked the beginning of the Oxford Movement, which sought to purify and revitalize the Church of England.

1892 - The Baptist Young People's Union held its first national convention in Detroit.The founding of the BYP Union was inspired by the earlier work of Francis E. Clark, a Congregational pastor who founded the first 'modern' youth fellowship in 1881.

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