Dec. 16 in Christian History

Dec 16, 2011 07:50 AM EST

1786 - Birth of Konrad Kocher, German chorister and composer of the hymn tune DIX ("For the Beauty of the Earth"). Kocher did much to popularize four-part singing in the churches.

1826 - Birth of John Ellerton, Anglican clergyman and writer of children's hymns. Among his better-known compositions are "Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We Raise" and "Welcome, Happy Morning."

1867 - Birth of Amy Carmichael, Scotch-Irish missionary. She went to India in 1895 under the Zenana Missionary Society, remaining there without furlough until her death 56 years later. An invalid her last 20 years, she worked to rescue children from Hindu cult prostitution, and founded the Dohnavur Fellowship in 1925.

1870 - The Colored Methodist Church of America was established at Jackson, TN. Its name was changed in 1954 to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. The denomination today is comprised of approximately 3,000 congregations.

1935 - Death of Walter S. Martin, 73, Disciples of Christ clergyman, teacher and evangelist. He is remembered best today as composer of the hymn tune GOD CARES ("Be Not Dismayed, Whate'er Betide" a.k.a. "God Will Take Care of You").

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