Latin America Mission Report: Honduras and Argentina

Dec 31, 1969 07:00 PM EST

Honduras-- The results from an October teaching campaign in Honduras provided a confirmation of a desire to cultivate the local churches.

Walk Through the Bible's Terry Sparks, after a recent visit to Honduras, noted, "We returned in December and went to a place called San Pedro Sula, which is one of the major cities of Central America, and conducted training there for about 13 people."

Sparks says this represents a shift of emphasis from Africa to Central America.

"...we now have an active ministry in Honduras. Over the next year, we will be seeking to make that ministry a model ministry for Central America. We, historically, have been weak in Central America, largely because we didn't have that many materials in Spanish," said Sparks.

Argentina-- The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association prepares their final plans to implement the Buenos Aires Festival of Hope. This two-day festival of sharing the gospel, slated to begin January 31st, is expecting up to 500,000 participants each night.

In Argentina, the world's most indebted country, nearly one in five is unemployed, half of the population is impoverished, and violent demonstrations are commonplace.

By Paulina C.